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Swimspa Series

Welcome to the world of Swim spas

What’s the benefit of having a swim spa? Actually there is more and more clients decide rather to have a swim spa instead of a pool.


Affordable: A fraction of the cost of installing a swimming pool.  Installation: Can be done in as little as a day! The units are totally self-contained; all that is needed is a power supply and a concrete base. This means minimal mess, disruption and no extensive excavations.  Swimming Experience: Our swim spas feature the largest swim areas in their class, meaning you can swim whichever stroke you prefer without the risk of knocking your hands or feet. Running costs: We use Thermo-Pane insulation in the construction for maximum energy efficiency and durability. Each model is fitted with an insulation / safety cover.  Swim spas offer affordable all -year swimming and exercise at a fraction of the running costs of a typical swimming pool.  Lifestyle: The Swim spa series provides the true lifestyle benefit of healthy exercise for individuals as well as the whole family, and they’re great fun too!  No Lizenz needed. Good for swimming against the current and no turn around all the time. Good or bad swimmer – adjust the power yourself. Enjoying a good massage in the integrated massage seats. Heating integrated. Fantastic light features. Fountains and waterfall with light for a great atmosphere at night. Exercise equipment like rowing bars etc. ... No raised Property tax. And much more ... One of the biggest benefits for sure is that threw excellent insulation and integrated heating it is usable all Year round 24 hours a day. With our DUAL Temperature Spas we can offer you now a hot tub and Swim spa in one. Threw the divided section and separate control system you can use the swim spa on lower temperatures and enjoy a great massage in the hot tub by lovely 38ºC on well jetted launcher and seats. And because our company gives you the best service we can, we offer you a free home visit to explain you all and look for a nice suitable space. Browse through our selection and contact us for an appointment or just simply to answer your questions.
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